Self Quiz (Stolen)

1. if you would want another name, what would it be? Minchan, for sure
2. what country do you want to be born in? I’m quite proud to be Indonesian tbh.
3. name three persons who make you laugh. Kpop Idol?
4. how many siblings do you have? One
5. what’s your favorite sport to do and watch? football (eventho I can’t play football hiks)
6. what was your first k-pop song? Endless Love soundtrack, what is?
7. what’s your favorite color? Blueeeeee
8. what are you in your group of friends? the dork one, unable to control my mouth, will explode when someone is trying to tested me
9. if you had the chance to change your fate, would ya? Maybe
10. who’s your favorite disney princess? I don’t really like disney princess but maybe I choose Mulan of them all.
11. if you had one message to your teachers and classmates, what would it be? I don’t belong here. I’m tired.
12. name three talents you have (besides dancing, singing, etc.) stalking, easily adapt, a good listener (?)
13. if you were to join a girl group, which would it be? Miss A, f(x) or 2ne1, you judge
14. if you were to join a boy group which would it be? Shinee
15. are you a potterhead, demigod, narnian and a tribute? ALL!!!!!!!!
16. who’s your favorite english singer? idk, I listen to bruno and rihanna but they’re not (really) my fav
17. who’s your role model in life? mmm, my mom
18. who would you consider your online best friend? I hope that qonita, erlina, ijah, and ai understand why I put their names here
19. are you a female seagull who does your own makeup? I guess. I do my own make-up, but I hate doing make up
20. what’s your favorite quote? Do the best, God do the rest