Hello Guys Welcome to “loveydovey”, this is a blog from Minchan ^^

To help you, I made some page.

Home : it will contain new updates from me from any page

About Me : it’s an introduction from me. You can say hello there if you want to. Ask question is allowed too. Or if you need help or fic request just drop your comment there

Coming Soon : it’s contain my draft list and fanfic on progress. Go there to check out whether your favorite fics already written or not.

Fict List : it contain my fiction, if you want to read some just go there. I’ll add a write plan too there

Music Shuffle : contain my list of music, if you need reference you can check there

Thoughts : mostly it contain about daily activities, real life, anything happen in life based on my thought.

Gallery : contain my random artwork from poster to random quote

Just for your information why I choose “loveydovey” as my blog name. First it was referred to my real name which is close to the wordpress adress and the blog name. Second it was because I put T-Ara loveydovey’s drama video as my favorite MV from KPop (fyi, I’m not a T-Ara fans, sorry). Third if you google the definition of ‘lovey-dovey’ it will shows “very affectionate or romantic“, for me I’m a romantic lover. I love ‘love’, I like seeing people in love, I write things about love, I’m a fans of love. Though I’m not a romantic person and sometimes I act cheesy, love is something pure and valuable for me.

Sooooo, because my story are mostly about romance, I choose “loveydovey” to be the name of my blog.

Anyway, I’ll ask you guys a favor.
1). Please don’t copy my fics/poster/header. If you want to use it, please ask I’ll give you the file and you can use it (still, you have to keep my label on the picture)
2). If you finished reading please do comment. At least I want to know who read my post. I found many silent reader here recently. Hello silent reader, please say hello to me 🙂 *waving hand*
3). Enjoy your time here. Once again, if you need help just leave comment on About Me. I will help as soon as possible.

Thanks for coming here, (again) please don’t forget to leave comment 🙂



Changmin is judging silent reader

Changmin is judging silent reader

Music Shuffle 140530

Gue abis LKMM 2 ISMAFARSI JOGLOSEPUR dan juga habis menginjak 17. Well gue gak bisa cerita banyak dulu karena akhir semester ini tugas begitu menggila. I’m happy yet crazy. I’m still alive and yep, I’m still surviving and struggling. I miss you guys, but really I can’t talk a lot tonight. Continue reading