Music Shuffle

Hurrah! I’m big fan of music and I’m not picky about music genre.

I didn’t take my music class on Elementary and High School seriously so… I will not understand if you talk about keys, note or else. I don’t play music instrument too (the only song I can play with guitar is Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade and some national song with pianika) and I sing only for my self. I’m not really good at music.

But this page will contain about my favorite songs every week/month/year. Or if you want, you can listen to it too. I’ll share my favorite lyrics here.

Usually I use iTunes to shuffle song from my music library but I made my weekly/monthly favorite album in my WMP (still, I play with shuffle mode). Sometimes I listen to one song for one day to one week if I really fall for it.

Anyway this page will not only contain West Song or Korean Song, but sometimes Japanese, Indonesian, or even Javanesse. I listen to some French and Spanish song too. So just pick which one suits you best.

There’s some people too who usually give me list to download: Qonita (I should say she’s really good sense of music esp Kpop), Ra (Ra usually love indie Kpop or Japanese song, sometimes non famous artist too, glad that I know her so I can add new artist to check on my list), Nara (she’s my best friend, anyway since our first met many years ago she has given me list song list. Our sense of music aren’t really different too), Shafira (my swaggie gurl), Andre (thanks for you and your friends –Sony, Ganjar, Alvand,, Yuka,dll- introducing me to SS, MCR, etc etc. Boys music always good for my stress relief), Oscar (heya Jason Mraz and Endah n Rhesa lover), Mom (Bruno and Rihanna always win you mom. Thanks for your 70’s-80’s list), Hasan (haha dude, I don’t have any idea what should I say about you cause it’s already too much. There’s sooo many songs I found because of you or you asked me to check. Thanks for crossing my path).

And there are still more people who help me (crush, friends, acquaintance, etc etc). So thanks all ❤ luf.

Feel free to add your favorite song on the comment, I would love to check!



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