About Me (Stolen)

Ignore it


Name : Devy
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Screen Name: Minchan
Birthday: May 26
Race: Javanese, Indonesian
School/Grade: Smaga SHS, 3rd grade
Job: none
Status: Single
Hometown: Boyolali (?)
Current Town: Surakarta/Solo
Parents Still Together? Yes, for forever. Amin
Siblings: A younger sister
Pets: None. Mom gave my 2 cats to someone
Smoker: nope
Drinker: nope
Virgin: that’s personal
Orientation: Straight

Hair Color: Black
Is It Dyed? No no no
Eye Color; Black
Height: 157 or 158
Style: Depends on my mood
Glasses/Contacts/None? Glasses
Freckles: None
Body Type: O
Shoe Size: 40 (?)
Piercings: ears
Want More? No I think
Tattoos? Nooooo. But I do want to have tattoos huhuhu
Want More? IDK
Braces? None, but i think i need some
Overall Best Feature: My smile
Overall Worst Feature: My boobs!
Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad? Both 50:50
Favorite Color: Blue
Worst Color: Shock Pink. EWWWW
Favorite Number: 8
Favorite Animal: Ctas
Least Favorite Animal: I dunno
Favorite Flower: dandelions if it’s include or white tulips
Favorite Food: fried rice
Worst Food: pork, dogbeef anything prohibited my religion
Favorite Junk Food: Ice cream!!!!!! Candy!!!!!
Worst Junk Food: coke, tahu
Favorite Restaraunt: Orient
Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate Chip
Favorite Candy: anything!
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: hhhh I should not write champagne here but…
Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink: lemon tea
Worst Alcoholic Drink: tequila, rum, champagne. I’m prohibited to drink
Worst NON Alcoholic: STMJ (susu telur madu jahe) – milk-egg-honey-ginger
Favorite Genre of Music: anything?
Worst Genre: scream
Favorite Band/Artist
Non-Kpop: The Script, Muse, Radiohead.
Kpop: DBSK OT5, Lee Hi, Sooyoung
Worst Band/Artist: some of Indonesian band and boyband
Favorite Song :
Non-Kpop: Creep- Radiohead, Grenade – Bruno
Kpop: Love in The Ice – DBSK OT5, Before You Go – DBSK Homin
Worst Song: some of Indonesian band and boyband song
Favorite Radio Station: IDK
Favorite Book: Harry Potter, Twilight
Worst Book: It’s better if I dun mention here
Favorite Type of Movie: sci-fi, detective, fantasy, romance
Worst Type of Movie: none
Favorite Movie: Twilight, Harry Potter the Goblet of fire
Worst Movie: I dunno
Favorite TV Show At the moment? Fashion King
Wost TV Show: Indonesian drama (sinetron)!!!!!!! I fucking hate that TV shows.
Favorite Season of the Year: may I mention fall eventho I only have dry and wet seasons
Worst Season: pancaroba, that’s between dry and wet season
Best Friend: I let you guess
Worst Enemy: my own self
Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday
Least Favorite Day of the Week: Sunday
Favorite Sport Sports? I watch Football… but I swim and play badminton.
Sport You Hate: Athletic
One thing you cant get enough of Kpop
One thing you hate more than anything Rodents
Are You Single? Yep
If not, who is your bf/gf? –
How Long Have You Been Together? –
Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now? Yep
First Kiss When nope kissed anyone yet
Ever Kiss in the Rain? No
In a Movie Theater? No
Underwater? No
First Love No
Have you ever Cheated on Anyone? Yes
Been Cheated on? Yes
Used Someone? no
Been used? Yes
Lied to your bf/gf? Yes
Ever Made out With Just a Friend? No
Do you Flirt a Lot? No
Longest Relationship I can’t mention it
Shortest a day. I think he’s better know that I don’t in love with him and he’s misunderstood
Have you Ever Gotten a Poem? No, song yes.
Ever Get Flowers? No. I hate the mainstream thingy
Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? Yes
Do you Believe in “The One”? Yes
Do you Fall in Love Fast? Yes
Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? Yes
Ever Been Dumped? Maybe
Ever dumped someone? Yes
Ever been rejected? IDK if it was called rejection
Ever dated someone more than once? Yes
Do you ever make the first move? NO
Double dates or single? single
Do you want to get married? Yes
Hair Color: anything
Short or long? short
Eye color? Doesn’t matter
Style: anything
Age: as long as he’s mature enough for the real love
Height: taller than me
Weight: ideal
Muscular or skinny? Lol. Both. But I prefer the muscular one cause I’m a little bit fat so
Boxers or Breifs? IDK
Do you care about looks? Yeap. But not much.

Can you drive? No
Do you have a car? No
Do you have a cell phone? Yes
Are you online a lot? yes
Can you speak another language?
Fluent: Indonesia, Java
Basics: Korean, German, English, Arab
Do you do well in school? Yes
Do you collect anything? I collect a lot of thingss
Have an obsession? Kpop
Do you hate yourself? Yes
Ever smile for no reason? Yes
Talk to yourself? Yes. A LOT
Do you have any regrets? Lots of ’em.
Believe in magic? No
Do you support gay marriage? IDK
Sex before marriage? Nooooo
Do you trust people easily? Depends
Forgive easily? Depends
Do you have a secret no one knows? Yes
Do you get along with your parents? Yes
What about other people? Depends
How do you vent your anger? I close my eyes and remember Changmin
Do you like George Bush? IDK
Goal Before you die? To have a successful life
Biggest Fear: Gecko. Any reptils!!!!!!!
Biggest Weakness: fear
Do you play an instrument? No, I gave up learning guitar, violin, piano, etc etc
What do you want to be when you grow up? A success social worker

Are you…
A daydreamer? Hahahaahahaha yes yes
Shy? No
Talkative? Depends on the person i’m talking to
Energetic? Depends on my mood
Happy? Sometimes
Depressed? Sometimes
Funny? I’ve been told
Boring? IDK
Mean? Yes
Nice? Yes
Caring? Yes
Trustworthy? Yes
Confident? Depends on the subject
Friendly? Yes
Smart? I hope so
Sarcastic? All the time
Dependable? sometimes
Quiet? on the bad situation
Adaptable? That’s my middle name
Strong (emotionally)? No
Strong (physically)? Yes
Mature? I have to be
Logical? Yes
Religious? Ehehehe
Modest? No
Indecisive? Sometimes
Sympathetic? Sometimes
Polite? Yes
Creative? Yes
Fun to be around? Maybe?
Love able? Yes
Easily Amused? Yes
Outgoing? Depends on who i’m out with
Daring? Depends
Clumsy? No
Nosy? Yes?
Lazy? Yes
Scary? I guess?
Optimistic? Sometimes
Persuasive? IDK
A good listener? Yes
Curious? Yes
Determined? Maybe
Artistic? I’ve been told
Honest? Sometimes
Respectful? Yes
Conceited? Sometimes
Cocky? Sometimes
Controlling? IDK
Playful? Yes
Easygoing? Yeee
Carefree? Ne 🙂
Hot Headed? Yes
Serious? Depends the situation
Thoughtful? Yes
Considerate? Sometimes
Stubborn? Yes
Romantic? I tried to
Ambitious? IDK
Jealous? Sometimes
Insecure? All the time
Obsessive? Of what?
Attentive? Most of the time
Helpful? People say i am
Punctual? Um
Rational? Sometimes
Sincere? Sometimes
Tolerant? Yes


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