10 Things You Should Know

Someone inspired me to make this post so that I don’t need to explain in the future days.

10 Things You Should Know Before You Promise to Stay


1. I’m not a coffee fan but I enjoy coffee, I have trouble with my stomach so I prefer tea in the morning. But if you give me a cup of hot chocolate I would never reject it.

2. I enjoy the silence when reading a book but I turn my music when I write, never disturb me when I do it, I’ll snap you as my reflex. So please just leave me alone at that time, you don’t need to see me crying over some melancholic story on books.

3. I’m not really good at handling my emotion, I ever suffer from depression so you need to understand if I cry without a reason, maybe I’m just tired and that’s the easiest way to express it. So just hug me after, if you found me crying on my pray.

4. We will fight and I’m going to push you away that’s the way how I am protecting myself. I’ll say cruel words and say that I’m okay without you. Please stay. You should know it’s the moment I lie. Give me a chance to make mistakes and show you that I will make up my mess. If you stay at that time, you know, you earn me.

5. On my period time, I’ll have terrible stomachache, don’t ask me to do something I just wanna lay in my bed and get some sleep. Sing me songs or just read me a story. Don’t ask me to talk like another days cause it’s so hard to keep my mind on the right track. I’ll fake a smile too, I just need to be occupied. If you don’t like it so just leave me.

6. If I make you sad please leave. If you are not happy with me please don’t force your self to stay. If I truly love you, your happiness will always go before my own. And I’m a simple person, keep in touch. I’ll tell the world I ever date the hero.

7. Ignore my hard days because actually you will find me happy. I’m easily impressed. Many things entertains me. I like a mix of sunny days with clouds. I love rain like I love you. I like the smell of books. I enjoy delicious food. Many friends are nice to me. I’ll sing around the house or just being idiot. I have you. And I want to make you smile. So laugh with me and we can play under the rain or do anything you want. If I said I’m truly deeply madly in love with you please believe me. Si no vas a amar sus demonios no intentes sacarla del infierno.

8. Share your thoughts to me. Let me know your worries even though I can’t help you. Let me know how are you today and don’t lie to me. I want to be there for you. Share your favorite things to me: books, music, food, anything. We don’t have to like the same thing, we just take the time to appreciate what makes the other smile. I’ll always remind these small thing.

9. When things get worse and anything don’t help. Ask me to take wudhu and stand on shaf right behind you. Remind me that if there’s no shoulder to cry on, there’s the floor for sujud.

10. I can’t promise you a perfect relationship, but what I can promise you is this: if you are willing to try, I’m staying. No matter what we will be going through, stay. If you promise to stay, stay.

avatar (2)

Think twice. I don’t want you to regret.

And I don’t want you leave me in the middle.

And I don’t want you to give up on me.

So think again before you promise to stay.



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