Well, why do I choose you?

Every time I see my old picture with you, I always think that I was happy person, laughing, smiling. For a moment, seeing my self happy is such enjoyable feeling. I want you to know, how easy for you to make me happy. And what else I need? I’m happy and that’s more than enough. People always think that I disturbed by this situation, but sometimes it doesn’t really matter for me. I’m happy for your morning and goodnight text, late-night convos, and another silly things we talk. I don’t know whether I make you happy or not. You never tell me about it. So let me know sometimes, if I cross your line. If I am too close to you. Or anything you feel about me. I just want to know. I can bear any feeling which are will be floating after. I just want to be there.

I always be there for you.



I miss you.


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