Full Moon

I would bleed to experience a night like this. 150414.

Full Moon

As the dark fade in so the sun shines fade out on the west sky. Those orange-red mixed color blurred slowly but sure. I drew into the beauty of afternoon. I gazed with our eyes wide open, the color slowly sunk on west as the night coming. The sky was darken, and all we could see is an empty space far away out there, empty-lonely and dark.

I drove with radio played on. Through the night, we could see the lamps illuminate the dark street. I moved forward, fast but not furious. I went to nowhere, an aimless place.

Night was dark but beautiful. You could find that shiny thing on the southeast sky. A full-perfect-circle with ivory-white shines around it. He was to shy to express his charm so he hided behind those thin clouds.

“I know you’re somewhere out there. Somewhere far away.”

The music played, Bruno was singing from a far when I stared out blankly outside. I stared far far away. Far from those blanking car-lamps, far away from those noisy sound outside. Through the airy night and busy world to the land of nowhere but space of only me and moon.

On the night like this, I wanted to experience such addictive feeling when I forgot anything ever existed. I got your eye-shine on dark, shining so beautifully out there. Like how it shine the dark night, your eyes shined my darkly heart. And I was blinked by. I never minded to be blinked by your eyes, if only I could stare into it for my whole life, to be drown and died inside those two deep-deep black holes.

Let the wind flowed through my coming out hand. How wind slowly streamed down your face and told stories about him. I enjoyed it for the sake of heaven. That for a moment, I didn’t mind to feel loneliness and emptiness. That it all worth it. Only a lonely and empty sky could make moon beautiful. The moon was the star, the world should pay attention to it and the sky just a forever supporter who wanted moon successions.

“I sit by myself talking to the moon. Trying to get to you”

Bruno was still singing. And I laughed into my self. 

“In hopes you’re on the other side talking to me too. Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon?”

Did he sing for me or something?

I knew I’m a fool. An idiot yet pathetic person who kept spinning around you. Even though it went to nowhere, I kept doing it. If you were the earth I would delighted to be the moon, the satellite which kept rotating around you. I would did it to every hours, everyday. I would watch you from front, left, right, behind, I would know every part of you. And you were allowed to keep rotating on your own rotation. Our gravitation wold kindly remember us to pull each other so we kept close to one another. Every once in a month, we spend a night like this, talking to each other.

On night like this, we could driving to every street we wanted to, we could sing along to our favorites song like how Ronnie and Will did it on The Last Song. You could tell me anything, cause I want to hear from you everything. We could intertwined our fingers to each other. We could go through the boundaries. You could let the car’s temperature on low degrees I don’t mind, because I knew, I’ve burned, I’ve burned my throat due to your existence but you’ll never find me ashing. Burn beautifully like Phoenix did on its old days.

Well, Charlie on The Perks of Being Wallflower ever experience “I sure we are infinite” with Sam. Allow me to experience this with you too cause I’m so envy with them.

For a second I stare at moon, I thought my world just spinning around you. Let the night darken. And the moon would be still there. I would whisper to wind to tell you this stories.

Go outside and look at the moon tonight. It reminded me of you.

I hope you smile everyday.

Blowing my dandelion,





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