This Shitty Things

All hail for Murakami.


I’ve been thinking about this maybe for more than one hundred.  I think it will be happen sooner or later. But it will happen. And this is the time.

You’ve read the quote. And that’s. exactly. how. I. am. feeling. right. now.

I thought that I’m used to that kind of feeling from the past but thinking that you will be hurt me for the same exact thing, that’s a new thing that I still can’t believe. Darling, I don’t know if you have secret power which is hurt me deep down inside. I though you will do another thing if you want to hurt me.

It’s kind of like there’s a huge hole inside my chest and you pour the salt on it. You punch me right in my face that I have to wake up and face the reality THAT you are just another man being. And A woman is never enough for you.

No, I’m not angry. But you put me on the exact point… to the fact that I was never enough.

You know how does it feel to face the same situation? Do you know in the past time I bleed my hand just to feel that this kind of pain is both physically and mentally hurts me.

Darling, you never know. Cause all you know is. I always have to be okay for you. No matter what happen.

But you forget “You can’t broke a broken heart.” 🙂

I blow you a kiss with my pain. For the first time, I hope you feel the exact pain I feel tonight.



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