Having new eonnie. Kyaaaa XD

Hello guys this is stupid post actually. This is just clarification from me for having new bias. Kkkk~~ Some of my twitter friends keep asking me the same question about why I like Stella Kim (@hk_diary) or Siwon’s ex. So this is the story.

The first time I was writing a fanfiction and it was about Choi Sooyoung. I tried to get information about her bestfriend from outside SNSD then I found SNSD’s story in sujufemm.wordpress.com then I got attracted to Stella Kim after seeing her old pict with SNSD’s member. I found her Selca w my bias Choi SY in allaboutk-popkorean (Sorry, I forget the full address). They look so happy in the selca. And I turned very curious about their friendship -______-

But after googling for awhile I found Stella Kim fans’ tumblr. Okay I was very happy found her tumblr because another site appear was SJ fans’ blog and they bash Stella. I mean, I have to know who is she before hating her. Anyway, I’m sorry for Siwon’s biased if I hurt you 😦 but I think you glad if Siwon really date her. Okay I’ll tell you the reasons latter.

I get more and more curious about Stella Kim. My first though about her was she’s so pretty. From the SNSD’s story I read before, she almost been ‘lead vocal’ with Taeyeon and Jessica. So she’s having a very good voice. If she didn’t go from SM she would be SNSD’s face like Yoona. So she’s pretty. Yeah she’s soooooo pretty.

I read Stella’s tweets too. Not all but I read a lot. I’m not kidding but I was like stalking her twitter. LOL. I turned obsessed with her. Then I found out that she’s so adorable. She grow like another girls. But one thing I really like from her is she’s smart, NYU, seriously NYU is very damn-good-university in this world. Last time I went to my Physics teacher’s house, I found NYU’s test was very-very hard. She chose her education instead of popularity. It was also mean that she love her parents so much (remember she end her trainee in SM bcs of her parent?)  So I think she’s an inspiration.

Besides that, I found out that Stella is almost perfect. Rich, beautiful, smart, skinny body, and talented. I mean if your bias date her you should be proud! If CM doesn’t date SY I’ll ship him with Stella though. Please throw away your ego. Look with clear eyes then you’ll love Stella. Yeah at least you’ll not judge her anymore. Throw your jealous, gals.

Anyway, another good things from Stella is she’s grow like another teens. She hang out with friends, stress with college’s task, having a bad habit like eating too much (I bet she’s another shikshin),  having health problem, oh and romance problem. Seriously, she’s human! And she’s a good friend I think. She still remember SY after years they separated with miles between them (SY in Korea, Stella in NY).

I don’t know what to say :/ but I just want you to respect me as the new fans of Stella H Kim. I don’t ask you to be Stella’s biased but I just want you to not bully her again esp Siwon’s biased. Just because she date Siwon then you turn to be her haters.

Yeah whatever you say after read the post I appreciate it. I know that I get infos about her only from sosmed but for me Stella is my dream eonnie. I really-really like her maybe like I like Sooyoung. Kkkk~

Okay enough said. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Having new eonnie. Kyaaaa XD

  1. i love stella eonnie tooo… i love her so much much muchhh… se so adorable and kindly so sweet to,, she replied my post on twitter oouuhhh that make me so hapyyyy 🙂 . . . at the first my bias is siwon and then i love her than siwon noww,,,hahahah…

    that because roumored siwon and agnes in the past,,, that make me think if siwon show off their relationship ,,, he know that will make scandal if they are threated in twitter but siwon and agnes keep doing that,,, then agnes fan strating to bash stella eonni in the twitter … that make me so saaaaaaaaaaaaddd,,,,, after that i heard if stella and siwon broke up,,,, moreee saaaaaaaaaaaadd,,

    • are you an Indonesian?
      hehehe yup she’s so adorable. but only fyi, I’m also shipping siwon w agnes. hehehe. but it doesnt really matter cause I’m not siwon biased. kkk
      I thought that agnes fans dun really like Newon relationship 😕
      kkk but we don’t know the facts about em right?

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