A Fantasy

Words Count: 277
PS: Sorry for the Grammar error and some typos.



May was walking fast when suddenly she pushed a man’s body and all the books in her hand fell down. By reflect they squatted.

“Oh I’m so sorry, Sir.” She was very shocked.

“Oh never mind. Are you okay?”

“Oh, I’m… I’m okay. No problem.” May was upset, so she collected her fallen-books very fast.

“Well, you should put these books into a bag if you won’t it fall again.”

May stood up than looked at that thin-tall-man. In that time, her hearts was beating faster. The butterfly in her stomach was flying around. May was very nervous looking into that man. In her head she thought that he is overly cool and charismatic and friendly and blah-blah-blah. But she was very sure if she knows this man.

“Oh. I’m sorry,” May started to open a conversation again.

“No problem,” said that man, giving her an awesome smirk.

“I’m May.” May introduced herself.

“Oh I almost forgot! I’m Changmin.” He lowered his eyeglasses so May could see his full face.

“DONG BANG SHINKI? OH MY GOD! It must be a heaven!” May screamed dramatically but then she lost her voice and dropped her books for the second time.

Changmin was only giving her a glance then squat again, collecting May’s books. Changmin was looking into a red book covered by Cassieopeia’s logo then asked May.

“You are glad for meeting me.”

May embarrassed. Her cheeks were very red.

“Well, it’s not a movie. So it’s only my fantasy,” May talked to herself but Changmin could hear it.

“I will always be your fantasy.”

Then her heart stopped in awhile. But then it was getting faster after that.



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